Are you concerned about keeping your vital business moving?
AMBAT ICONCRANES PVT LTD offers a complete array of support services. We can assist, on-site installation supervision, full installation, start-up & commissioning, training, ongoing inspection / maintenance programs, and repair parts. We ensure our customers experience the highest level of satisfaction with our products and services while supporting our customers in every phase of a new project and ongoing operation.


Trouble-free, proper operation and data transmission products depend on correct installation and precise mechanical setup. Our highly qualified installation teams are eager to supervise your installation team or execute the installation with our own team members - all to ensure the perfect initial set-up of your system.


AIPL’s highly trained and experienced field engineers are pleased to offer comprehensive start-up and commissioning services. We apply the product knowledge gained from our extensive experience supporting installations to help your equipment and system achieve optimal performance. You will be benefited through enhanced efficiency and increased system durability.

Inspection / Preventive Maintenance

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance lead to the highest level of availability of your equipments. As the manufacturer of the equipments, we have the specific product knowledge needed to inspect and maintain them and can significant value to your operation.
Tailor-made inspections performed by our experienced and specialized service engineers allow you to reach the highest availability of your equipments operation. We offer a wide range of inspection and service packages ranging from individual inspections to long-term service contracts for periodic inspection and maintenance of your equipments.
We would be happy to discuss your ongoing inspection and maintenance needs and can work to create a customized solution that meets your needs.

Retrofit / Refurbishment-Modernization

After years of continuous operation, cranes will eventually require refurbishment or replacement.
When it no longer makes economic sense to keep an older cranes operating under current running limitations, an upgrade may be reasonable.
As cranes technologies advance to faster operating speeds and higher capacities, the current, as used, cranes may prove inadequate to support the future expectations. This may drive the need for a system upgrade or replacement.

Modernizations to go faster, higher, and further
After decades of continuous use, your old cranes could require a complete overhaul. When the whole system nears the end of its service life, the risk of costly downtime increases and the user should consider a complete system retrofit, or replacement.