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Tower Cranes
Shipyard / Power Plants / Wind Turbine / Construction

Shipyards and Bulk Handling Terminals

The durability of Kroll cranes makes them perfect for shipyards. Quality gearboxes and motors as well as a unique surface treatment ensure a long lifetime without corrosion. It's a quality solution with minimum maintenance and cost required.

Our innovative designs include Electric level luffing cranes for bulk material handling. With shortest cycle times we ensure that terminal's productivity remains to the maximum extent.The high capacity, precision operator control and excellent mobility, our customized cranes eliminate the problems that a bunch of 30-40 smaller cranes would face.

Our cranes have long reach, a large free space under the jib and space under the portal which allows for traffic or storage between rail tracks. Together.

Power plants

Viable for Construction Area
With the flexibility of unblocked roads, sturdy construction that withstands windy conditions and a relatively small footprint, a Krøll tower crane ensures the right conditions for a smooth project with a positive ROI. 

Our range of heavy cranes starts from 1000tm to 25000tm can significantly reduce construction time. 

Tried and Tested

For decades our cranes have contributed to time-efficient construction of power plants around the world. A number of Krøll K10000 cranes reduced construction time for nuclear power plants by six months translating into hundreds of millions dollars in savings. 

India, USA, Russia, New Zealand and China are just a few of the countries where a Krøll crane has contributed to the profitable construction of hydro fuel, fossil fuel and nuclear plants.

Wind Turbines

Krøll has successfully entered a market previously dominated by heavy crawler and all-terrain mobile cranes and has proven that large capacity free standing tower cranes are an effective and in many cases the only solution for wind turbine erection. In conditions of restricted and limited access, small hardstands, high erection height levels, and large nacelle weights Krøll cranes have provided effective alternate solutions in conditions where crawler and mobile crane could not be applied.

Krøll Cranes have developed an innovative solution to cater for the higher erection levels and heavier nacelle weight requirements of the wind turbine erection industry. Krøll Cranes have adapted and developed their high free standing heavy luffing crane designs and recently supplied cranes installation projects in Europe and Asia.

Current Krøll Tower Crane models for the wind industry offer lift capacities from 95 tonnes through 150 tonnes and heights under hook from 157 to 195 metres.


When the load is extreme and you need a long reach where crawlers just aren't a realistic solution, you can turn to the world-leading experts in heavy-duty tower cranes.  No matter what size of crane you need you know you'll be getting top of the range technology with the highest manufacturing standards.

For construction jobs up to 25,000tm, nothing is better than a heavy duty Krøll crane in terms of quality, flexibility and reliability. Whatever the conditions, leave it to us to provide a specialized solution.


Innovative designs have helped solve specific problems in bridge construction, including the issue of dismantling the crane after a completed job.

The durable Krøll cranes withstand strong winds and are a cost-effective and suitable choice for the construction of bridges. Sturdy designs, quality steel (mill-certified EN standard) and quality manufacturing ensure that mast sections can stand unsupported for greater heights with fewer ties required for the job.